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Glaxi Pane impasto

The checking
of each stage of the
production process,

Glaxi Pane cottura

the electronic control
of the cooking for large
volumes of product

Glaxi Pane

a qualitatively
excellent product
and a constant yield.

The best product
is the result of ongoing research

In 2009 Glaxi Pane has invested in research and technology by reconfiguring the entire production around the new industrial oven, a true masterpiece of industrial food, equipped with sensors and electronic controls which allow a more efficient management of this delicate phase. The new plant and production process introduced an increased production capacity, providing greater speed in processing orders, and for the company's workers, better working conditions, more serene and comfortable.

Customers are our top researchers

Thanks to the feedback of our clients, we can transpose real-time market demands, capturing consumer trends and providing at any time a catalogue of current references and able to satisfy our customers.

After technology,

This is the only occasion when Glaxi Pane uses the word Chemistry, certainly not referring to the use of artificial additives, but to the attention and understanding of the behavior of bread molecular structure, raw materials, and how all these elements react to production process.
We can say that our references, using simple sugar, natural yeasts and scrupulous work, always ensuring a highly digestible, healthy and tasty product.

Always fresh and intact
in its properties due to freezing.

Flexibility and speed for those who knows bread well

The main advantage of frozen bakery products, especially for those who work for catering, is the immediate availability of the references, which allows to have at any time a great variety and quantity of products at immediate disposal. The frozen bakery products contain very little water, so they defrost very quickly.

The frozen bakery products are natural products.

The baked goods are "alive", which means they are subject to the influences of the surrounding environment, changing their behavior at all stages of production, kneading, rising, baking, conservation. While inside the company is possible to manage these variables thanks to modern numerical control apparatus, once outside only the freezing allows to always maintain the organoleptic properties of the bread as freshly baked, eliminating any use of chemical and, therefore, having a good and also completely healthy product.

Natural philosophy

Patron Serio would have never allowed to manipulate bread, the result of years of passion and dedication. For this reason, Glaxi Pane, in the transition from bakery to food industry, in the 80's, has thought to freezing as a method of preservation. In this way, food can be stored without chemicals, sterilization or pasteurization. Frozen products, once cooked according to the instructions, retain their freshness, as well as fresh daily products.