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Glaxi Pane

Flavor and authenticity
of past times breads,
safety and efficiency
of a modern production.


The history of Glaxi Pane has its roots in the '50s, thanks to the passion and intuition of the owner Serio Galante, who - in a full recovery situation here in Italy - after the Second World War, works in his bakery.
In 1985, with the entry in the Company of his son Silvio, the Company changes from a simple oven bakery to a baking industry.
Today, Glaxi Pane is a consolidated reality in the Italian market for frozen bakery that produces a wide range of daily specialties, all made with selected
of the highest quality.

The future

Always attentive to new market trends and to improvement of quality standards, Glaxi Pane is constantly introducing new products (only in 2012 well 9), the result of intuition and the holder of research and development office, fundamental and strategic element for a player in a highly competitive market.


Two are the ranges of production:
Glaxi Bar and Glaxi Ristorazione.
Together they meet the many and varied demands of the market, from the most traditional to the most innovative. Cold is the only preservative for the products, the most natural way to maintain quality and freshness. Modern refrigerated warehouses, completely automated and well supported by an efficient logistics organization, able to quickly and efficiently distribute products throughout the country, ensuring the "cold chain".


At the bar, at home, today's consumer is attentive and knows the properties and characteristics of raw materials and production processes. No dyes and preservatives, certified and high quality raw materials, manufacturing processes according to HACCP and ISO 9001:2008 processes and IFS certification (INTERNATIONAL FOOD STANDARD), make Glaxi Pane a secure reality even for the most demanding consumer.