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presentations for Pane and Ristorazione.

Our quality is given
by three basic rules


Raw materials and
traditional recipes managed
and backed by modern
production facilities

All warranties


chosen with strict
accuracy are the
fundamental starting
point for our bakery.

The ingredients

for tradition

From the '50s to present
days the same commitment
and passion in making bread.

The Family

is the best friend
of nature.

The yield of raw materials depends on weather
conditions during the period of growth and harvest.
So, for example, the flour reacts differently to the baking
according to the crop and, in addition, the processes
of leavening and baking are affected by atmospheric
conditions daily. To manage all these variables
and ensure a consistently excellent product
quality level
, Glaxi Pane uses the most
modern computerized systems.

Glaxi Pane products
are without colorings
and sweeteners.

A genuine product
without hydrogenated
fats and GMO free.

Simple sugars
and yeasts to ensure
high digestibility.

Glaxi Pane ISO9001
  • Wheat flour

    Wheat flour

  • Yeast


  • malted barley

    malted barley

  • Soy Flour

    Soy Flour

  • Flax Flour

    Flax Flour

  • Corn flour

    Corn flour

  • Caramel


  • Spinach


  • Olive oil

    Olive oil


When we talk about the ingredients, we are not afraid of confrontation with anyone. We select only the best, evaluated for authenticity and cooking yield: hard and soft wheat flours, grains, 5 cereals and for the most part of Italian origin (according to the availability of seasonal harvests), to minimize the movement of raw materials.

Our bakery does not contain acidifying, antifungal agents, thickeners, gelling agents, stabilizers, and preservatives which can be used as improvers of flour technological characteristics. Other ingredients as yeast, olive oil, milk, help to ensure the highest standards of authenticity or provenance on the market, as for Glaxi Pane nothing is more important than a satisfied customer.

The Galante family,
bakers vocation

Silvio was very young when he began to sink his fingers into the soft and white flour that was on the bench in the bakery of his father Serio, who in the 50's produced fresh bread just outside Padua.
So, in the most classic Italian traditions started it all, partly as a necessity, partly as an opportunity, certainly for passion and vocation.
On these solid foundations, the family company Glaxi Pane has grown over the years to become one of the most recognized Italian bakery industries for quality in its product and professional service.

Glaxi Pane rispetto per la tradizione